Great wedding begins with a dream backed with a deep passion and desire to make it come true. A perfect blend of elegance, sophistication, grace and chic is what makes a wedding diary inordinate. We provide you with this perfect blend and help you make your fantasy a reality. While we handle everything for you, our only desire is that you to just lay back, relax and be mesmerized as you witness your dreams slowly unfold.

Finding and shortlisting stunning locations

“The best venues are booked months and years in advance. We help you select the perfect venue for your wedding.”

Planning your dream wedding on a tailor made budget.


“It’s the special day you’ve dreamed of all your

life. We help you realize your dreams at the budget you have in mind. We make sure you don't overshoot your figure.”

Wedding decor

design planning.


“You deserve the most

exquisite and stunning decoration setup.

Let us do our magic!!”


Organizing the Ceremonies

and Functions.

We believe your special day

 should be enjoyable and free of worry.

You can confidently leave

 the work to us.”

Complete line of Customized Wedding & Ceremonies Invitations

“We are sure your dear guests are going to have a truly exciting time at your wedding. Let them begin their enthusiasm as they receive your cherished invitation. Invitations are custom made as per your theme and specifications.”

Checklist & timelines

for follow ups

“Planning is all about having the little details down to pat. We make sure all involved in making your day memorable do their best by providing them timely reminders and making sure everyone delivers on time.”

Theme & colour scheme planning.

“Be it a Royalty, Hawaiian, Bollywood or Hollywood, we've done it all!! We help you in executing your dream theme.”

Why be stressful on your big day??

Gift yourself a stress free wedding.. Choose us!!